We often hear that people have brought firewood in the past by 'the tonne' or 'the load' rather than per cubic metre.  

Why do we sell our logs by the cubic metre rather than tonnes?

The Henley Log Company sell firewood by volume rather than weight, this is because the drier the wood, the less it weighs and the longer it burns. We take care to ensure that our firewood has a low moisture content and burns well. Therefore weighing less than the same volume of unseasoned logs.

Is a bagged cubic metre the same as a 'one tonne bag'?

A cubic metre is 100cm x 100cm x 100cm. A cubic metre is not a builders one tonne bag. A builders tonne bag is less than 0.75 m³. `Furthermore, a one tonne dumpy holds more like 200kg (1/5th tonne) assuming the wood is well seasoned and ready to burn.


Loose Compared to Stacked..

Our firewood is advertised as a loose cubic metre not a compactly stacked cubic metre. Industry Experts such as The Forestry Commission and The European Biomass Association state that one cubic metre of loose logs, when stacked, will take up a volume of approximately 60% to 70% of a cubic metre.